2nd Chance

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In countries where medical and material facilities are not readily available, such physical discrepancies impair the psychic and social quality of life of millions of people. Needs are tremendous. Local skills for the care of these patients are still far too limited.

2nd Chance is a non-profit organization, which aims at developing reconstructive surgery in regions, which are economically underprivileged as well as in post-war contexts.

The project began more than 10 years ago with a partnership between Dr. Pierre Quinodoz and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The directive was then to organize, outside capital cities, theoretical and practical courses in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

In 2010, 2nd Chance was created to give members of the Association the means to:

- Widen this mandate from a geographical point of view;

- Supply material, which is often lacking;

- Finance operations for indigent persons in order that locally trained surgeons may use their new skills to treat their populations.

These surgeons have also the duty to pass on this knowledge to other surgeons. The networks of expertise thus created are strengthened by the installation of a simple but modern system of telemedicine that facilitates communication between professionals and optimizes the follow-up of patients, regardless of their geographical location.