African Agency For Integrated Development (AAID)



The African Agency For Integrated Development (AAID) is a Registered National Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda dedicated to empowering and promoting the welfare of poor communities through Education, Training, and Provision of basic services (including clean water, sanitation, health and food security), improving household income, and promotion of Human Rights.

AAID was formed in 1998 by members from different fields of community development with the mission to empower the marginalized and needy people among the community to come up with sustainable, low-cost and gender-responsive solutions to their problems and the vision of improved living conditions of the community through implementation of long term sustainable programmes.


  • Raise community awareness about primary healthcare, STDs/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Promote poverty eradication strategies through modernization of water supply, sanitation, and agriculture infrastructure, and skills development;
  • Promote social and economic welfare of the community (i.e. promotion of tourism in Uganda);
  • Enhance proper community management of natural resources with emphasis on increased female participation and sustainable development;
  • Advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable, with emphasis on children, the disabled and women;
  • Carry out activities to mitigate the effects of climate change; and
  • To take any other appropriate measures to further the above objectives.