Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP)

The Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) is driven by a mission of providing the evidence base to effectively advocate for access to safe, quality, timely surgery and anesthesia as an essential component of global public health.  ASAP envisions a world where citizens seeking care for surgical conditions in low and middle income countries have similar access to appropriate, reliable, safe, cost-effective anesthesia and surgical care as those in developed countries. This relies upon timely diagnosis of surgical conditions, sufficient numbers of adequately trained and supported personnel, safe delivery of anesthesia and surgical care, and sustainably funded and resourced infrastructure.  When emergency and essential surgical and anesthesia care is considered a necessary component of global public health and made widely available, premature death and disability due to treatable surgical conditions will be sharply reduced.

Since becoming an integrated society of ISS, ASAP’s official membership has reached 70 members, however the organization reaches over 700 members of the burden of surgical disease working group through their listserv.  The scope of ASAP is global, with engagement at the level of national and international societies and through academic institutions.  ASAP also engages broadly with all groups committed to surgery and safe anesthesia in LMICs.