Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

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The Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) works to support the identification, development and widespread diffusion of healthcare innovation, and in doing so to sustainably reduce inequalities in global healthcare for generations to come.

Led by Professor the Lord Ara Darzi since 2010, the Institute comprises a multidisciplinary team of over 160 clinicians, engineers, scientists, psychologists, policy analysts, data specialists, healthcare managers, economists, industrial designers and entrepreneurs all focused on the co-creation and diffusion of healthcare innovation to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges facing mankind today.

Housed within the Faculty of Medicine, the Institute is well placed to leverage the College’s wealth of multidisciplinary talent to innovate across science, technology, design and policy. By doing so, the Institute aims to develop cutting edge solutions to the challenges faced by healthcare systems and to elicit transformational improvement in the quality and equity of patient care, population health and well-being.

Looking ahead, the Institute aims to continue to attract a strong cohort of students and scholars across its educational and academic programmes and to advance a broadening research agenda, which will encompass new and impactful interdisciplinary centres of excellence. By leveraging its position at the forefront of policy research, the Institute will both receive and transmit analysis and best practice from the leading edge of research and translational practice to bolster its reputation and to ensure a sustained and high-impact future.