International Federation of Surgical Colleges (IFSC)

The International Federation of Surgical Colleges (IFSC) aims to act as a voice for World Surgery on problems of common interest and in particular the advancement of surgery in developing countries by promoting standards of excellence in surgical care, education, training and research.

The IFSC was founded in Stockholm in 1958 as an international body to speak for world surgery on problems of common interest. It is the world’s senior surgical organization, bringing together the principal established colleges and associations of surgeons in a unified federation. IFSC does not represent individual surgeons, but rather corporate national colleges, academies and associations. Its mission is to improve and maintain standards of surgery throughout the world.

The College’s primary areas of focus include:  

  • Education and training in surgery;

  • Cooperation and interchange of information among surgical institutions;

  • Improving surgery in developing countries; and

  • Surgical ethics.

IFSC organizes annual congresses and works to establish and maintain cooperation and the interchange of medical and surgical information among surgical colleges and surgical institutions. It coordinates and promotes cooperation among its members with the aim of developing the best possible standard of surgical facilities, skills and treatment. IFSC also offers scholarships to young surgeons from developing countries to attend a major IFSC congress. This is in line with its general work to encourage high standards of education, training, ethics and research in surgery and its allied sciences.