Arbutus Medical Inc.



Arbutus Medical is a Canadian medical device company dedicated to increasing access to safe surgery and making a lasting social impact. Led by a team of engineers, clinicians, and experienced social entrepreneurs, Arbutus Medical aims to become the leading provider of surgical technology across the developing world, in disaster relief situations and in low-resource environments.


It is estimated that over 5 billion people do not have access to safe surgery. Arbutus Medical’s vision is to provide safe surgery for all by developing and delivering affordable surgical devices.

This vision fuels the company’s focus on developing safe and affordable surgical equipment for the most challenging operating rooms in the world. By providing surgeons with innovative, sterile, and easy-to-use surgical tools, Arbutus Medical is bringing about a much-needed change in the global surgery landscape.


In 2014, a group of biomedical engineers were tasked with the challenge of aiding orthopedic surgery in Uganda. They partnered with surgeons from Canada and Uganda, and proceeded to create a real, practical solution to address concerns about surgical care. This group of biomedical engineers would go on to become the founders of Arbutus Medical and introduced this revolutionary technology to the world.

Today, Arbutus Medical is a growing enterprise working with partners globally to continue developing safe, innovative medical equipment that empowers surgeons.