CCBRT & Kupona Foundation



Kupona Foundation is a U.S. based nonprofit committed to unlocking the potential of people and communities by improving their access to quality healthcare.

Kupona’s vision and mission are aligned directly with their sister organization, CCBRT, a leading provider of affordable, high-quality surgical and rehabilitative care for people with disabilities in Tanzania. Together, they fuse sustainable strategies and transparent practices with deep-rooted local expertise to direct resources to programs with the greatest potential for long-term change.

Ending disability by improving access to safe, essential surgery

CCBRT is a leading provider of high quality surgical and rehabilitative care for correctible impairments like cleft lip/palate, obstetric fistula and cataract in Tanzania. The majority of CCBRT’s patients live in poverty and often cannot afford the full cost of treatment, leaving them with debilitating conditions that limit their educational and economic opportunities. With the support of Kupona Foundation and other partners, CCBRT is able to provide free or subsidized services so that everyone can access quality care regardless of their financial circumstances.

CCBRT has built significant expertise over more than two decades, which they share with other providers in order strengthen the wider healthcare system. CCBRT trains healthcare providers, distributes equipment and supports quality services at partner facilities so that people across the country can access treatment closer to home.

Each year, CCBRT conducts over 100,000 clinical consultations, and provides over 10,000 life changing surgeries for people with impairments, preventing them from living with a lifelong disability.

Preventing maternal & newborn mortality and morbidity

With nearly one woman dying every hour from birth-related complications, and 20 more developing an injury, infection, or debilitating impairment, Tanzania has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. CCBRT works through a range of multi-sector partnerships to overcome these odds.

CCBRT trains healthcare workers, distributes life saving equipment, and makes improvements to operating rooms and labor wards in existing public healthcare facilities. In parallel, they are building a new Maternity and Newborn Hospital, a 200 bed referral facility built to serve women with high risk pregnancies and sick newborns. This two-pronged approach is a comprehensive intervention to improve the quality of healthcare available to expectant mothers and their newborns.

Since the program began in 2010, the region of Dar es Salaam has seen a 30% reduction in maternal mortality rates, and the average quality of care score (measured with Jhpiego’s Standards Based Management and Recognition tool) has improved from 9% to over 78%.

A bridge between the U.S. and Tanzania

Founded in 2009, Kupona Foundation serves as the bridge between the United States and CCBRT’s work in Tanzania. Kupona convenes an ecosystem of donors, technical experts, advocates and volunteers to mobilize resources and activate awareness, all with a view to enabling CCBRT’s life changing programs and sustainable growth.

This fiercely collaborative partnership gives individuals and institutions in the United States the opportunity to foster direct, local impact, and enables CCBRT to empower people and communities living in poverty to realize their full potential. Since 2009, Kupona has mobilized millions of dollars of financial and in kind support for CCBRT’s programs, enabling CCBRT to focus on the most important things: their patients and their people.