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Launch of the G4 Alliance Collaboration Prize

Sponsored by the Henry Family Advised Fund

G4 Alliance members have a history of addressing the surgical needs of children, women and men who have little or no access to life-changing surgery. Our members are visionary in addressing these needs – after all, that is how the G4 Alliance came to being! Our Alliance is one where big thinkers come together and where different organizations from around the globe work side by side toward a common goal. Our success is based upon our ability to collaborate and extend our impact far beyond what any one organization could accomplish alone.

Thanks to the generosity of The Henry Family Advised Fund, we are pleased to present the G4 Collaboration Prize, a 1-year grant worth $40,000 that is designed to foster new member collaborations and innovative programs designed to impact and address the needs of neglected surgical patients.

A core focus of the competition was to support innovative collaborations within the G4 Alliance membership. To this end, all proposed collaborations had to fit within several criteria in order to be considered:

  • The collaboration was with at least one other G4 member that the proposing organization has never worked with before. Non-member organizations could be involved provided there were at least two G4 members involved in the project and a G4 member was the submitting organization.

  • Shortlisted organizations were invited to ‘pitch’ their proposal to the “G4 Marketplace”. The winning proposal will be selected by vote by the G4 Permanent Council members - not from a ‘selection committee’.

  • Consideration for shortlisting included demonstration of measurable and substantial results to be presented at the G4 Fundraising Gala in November 2017. This will highlight the fantastic work that the G4 members can do to another audience.


The Process

A call for proposals was made in February 2017, and we received 13 excellent applications from across our membership. These applications showcased the partnerships of 26 G4 Alliance members collaborating across various innovative activities. Several projects also included additional non-member organizations to their collaborations. 

Proposals were evaluated based on 3 criteria:

  1. Impact:  The most dramatic impact on the neglected surgical patient.  We want to see direct, quantifiable, on-the-ground results.

  2. Collaboration: The more dynamic and deep the collaboration the better.

  3. Timeframe: Proposals had to provide Demonstrable results by the G4 Fundraising Gala in November, 2017.


Collaboration Prize Finalists

Following an exhaustive review of 13 excellent applications, a group of 6 finalists was selected. These finalists represent the strength and diversity of the G4 Alliance — organizationally, programmatically and technically.

Most importantly, these finalists demonstrate the impact and innovation that powerful collaborations can achieve.