20 June 2016 | Excerpt from Full Article

COMING first is something Diamedica has grown accustomed to – for more than 12 years. As a manufacturer of safe, affordable and sustainable anaesthesia systems and other related medical equipment, the company was the very first in the world to devise a full anaesthesia machine that functions without electricity, and with an integral oxygen concentrator – the Glostavent®.

The significance of this technological breakthrough is that the Glostavent® operates well in some of the most challenging environments in the world – from war zones to container hospitals. In fact, it is a first choice for some of the leading emergency response NGOs.

The Glostavent® is the brainchild of world-renowned anaesthetist Roger Eltringham and Diamedica’s director, engineer Robert Neighbour.

Rightly, the Glostavent® series continues to win awards, scooping numerous first prize technology awards internationally, including the International Innovation of the Year at the Africa Healthcare Awards in February this year.

Diamedica’s track record is second to none, with its equipment being used in more than three million procedures in 70 different countries over the past 12 years – establishing its unrivalled reputation for reliability.

Its innovative equipment is, of course, at the very heart of the company’s focus, but in turn drives its investment in the importance of education and research – its other two key priorities.

Education and Training
Illustrating the extent of Diamedica’s commitment to education, director Robert Neighbour is in fact teaching on four different continents in 2016 – specifically about the use of anaesthesia in low resource situations.

What this means on the ground is that when installing a product, tuition is given in the use of specific kinds of equipment during an electricity failure, for example, and of course on the product’s minimal maintenance.

Ultimately, it is Diamedica’s expert engineering knowledge, technical skills and capabilities within the company that lend their force to its education programmes, which are valued not only for being appropriate for the environment they’re delivered in, and therefore fit for purpose, but for their unrivalled dedication to excellence.

Having worked in the majority of the 70 countries Diamedica has supplied to over the years, product research and development has been directly informed by the hands-on experience of actually being in these austere environments, and from customer feedback.

In many ways Diamedica’s R&D has been a response to demand, where 12 years of listening and learning about what was needed prompted Robert and his team to create new, suitable products – the Baby CPAP being just one example.

Looking to the Future
Robert Neighbour is one of the founding members of the G4 Alliance and sits on its board. He is wholeheartedly committed to the Alliance’s aim to serve the neglected surgical patient and his every effort – and product – is designed to fulfill this objective.

That innovation and sustainability rest at the core of Diamedica’s ethos means the company’s aim to supply safe and affordable medical equipment for such patients will not only continue, but grow, and pave the way to a better, evolving world of safe surgical care.

Diamedica (UK) Ltd has over a decade of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of anaesthetic equipment that will function successfully in harsh environments and areas of limited logistical support.

Designed for simplicity, economy, reliability and suitability for purpose, our product range extends from full hospital anaesthetic machines such as the Glostavent, to portable equipment for field hospitals, outreach missions and disaster/humanitarian situations. The extended range includes portable ventilators an oxygen concentrator driven CPAP and an oxygen reservoir filling system.

Diamedica’s engineers are committed to providing sustainable solutions and training on how to use, service and maintain equipment.  We offer all customers, ongoing after sales support for as long as the customer has their machine. With a firmly established reputation, Diamedica’s equipment is providing safe anaesthesia to some of the poorest and most isolated people in over 60 countries around the world.