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G4 Webinar: Developing a Platform to Track Training & Partnerships in Global Surgical Care

The role of global surgical care and anaesthesia in the realm of public health has been undergoing a significant transformation. Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated stakeholders, surgical care is increasingly transitioning from its perceived role as the neglected stepchild of the global health field, and emerging as an integral component of universal health coverage. 

With increasing interest and activity in the field of global surgical and anaethesia care, how can we best coordinate our efforts to ensure most efficient use of time and resources? Is there a role for the development of a collective global platform to help track and manage surgical partnerships and training initiatives? 

In this edition of the G4 Webinar Series, we will be exploring the role of online platforms as a resource to track training and partnerships in global surgical care. A dedicated working group that has been reviewing this issue will be providing their recommendations and share expert input on best practices to develop a web-based platform that fosters communication, coordination and collaboration among global surgery stakeholders. 

This webinar will take a look at similar models to draw on best-practices and recommendations. The panelists will also provide an overview of potential user profiles, exploring the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities they would face in using an online platform. Finally, the group will review how an active network that fosters communication and collaboration between G4 members and other global surgical care and anaesthesia stakeholders may contribute to optimal sharing of knowledge, resources and best-practices.