G4 Global Action Plan

Starting in July 2015, the G4 Alliance and its partners began rolling out a global consultative process designed to collect input and build consensus for a Global Action Plan that will guide the G4 Alliance's advocacy, policy implementation, and resource mobilization strategy in support of global surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care around the world. The consultation process includes a series of monthly webinars, an online consultation process, as well as in-person regional consultative meetings and launch events.

Our goal is to build a common platform for international and local stakeholders to contribute to the development of a civil society response and global accountability framework to support the implementation of the recently passed WHO resolution on surgical care and anaesthesia, as well as country-level efforts to integrate surgical care as part of health systems strengthening efforts.  

Why Now?

On May 22, 2015 WHO resolution 68/31 on "Strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and anaesthesia as a component of universal health coverage" was unanimously approved during 68th World Health Assembly. This historic resolution represents an important step towards opening the door to national capacity building, health systems strengthening and overall greater prioritization of essential surgical and anaesthesia care for those in need, often at the community and district hospital level.  

Civil society actors (i.e. non-governmental organizations and private sector) will play an important role in supporting efforts to adopt this resolution at the country-level, and will contribute important knowledge and expertise to the development of guidelines and targets as well as a global accountability framework. The G4 Alliance is supportive of these efforts and seeks to provide a platform for experts and stakeholders from around the world to come together to develop a plan for supporting global advocacy and policy efforts. 




The G4 Alliance's global consultative process is designed to build consensus among our 70+ member organizations and to seek input for the development of a G4 Global Action Plan.




The G4 Alliance will utilize its member organization networks to organize regional consultative meetings to bring together leading surgery stakeholders including high-level delegates, country-representatives, content experts, patient advocates and member organizations in a multi-disciplinary discussion. These meetings will seek to garner input regarding current challenges, opportunities, and needs related to providing safe, affordable, and sustainable surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care, and will also focus on the importance of developing a shared advocacy and policy platform as a strategy to build greater priority for neglected surgical issues. 



A series of webinars designed to contextualize the work of the Alliance within the global development landscape will seek to introduce global surgery stakeholders to the Key Elements that will provide the basis for the G4 Alliance's Global Action Plan.