Golden Hour Productions was founded in 2013 to develop, produce and market film, television and new media projects, based on the following beliefs:

1. that technical advances have leveled the playing field for producers looking to compete with the major studios. Savvy producers embrace new technologies, venture into emerging markets and redefine the existing rules of production and distribution

2. that it is much more fiscally sound to produce one high quality, lower budget project with an innovative marketing plan rather than several big budget films that are forced to depend on costly and elaborate marketing campaigns

3. that a company can increase the value of a project by making smart alliances with other production companies, film commissions and foreign governments. Once you realize you are competing in a global marketplace, taking advantage of these additional resources is not only recommended, it is integral to your survival

4. that there are powerful business reasons for creating projects that have “social value”. Audiences and critics respond to such projects and, more than ever, the time is right for a company committed to creating them

5. that a company which treats each of its employees, vendors, and contacts with respect and fairness will quickly gain favor with the artists and artisans who make this industry great