Heal Africa

HEAL Africa is a Christian organization whose perspective, practices, and personnel are shaped and guided by its vision, motivation, mission, and values. The word “HEAL” reflects the focus of its activities (Healthcare, Education, community Action, Leadership development) and the word “Africa” speaks of the geographic roots of the organization.


HEAL Africa compassionately serves vulnerable people and communities through a holistic approach to Healthcare, Education, community Action, and Leadership development in response to changing needs. It fosters high standards in practice and research within each of those areas. 

HEAL Africa’s Mission is characterized by:

  • Providing compassionate holistic services to improve physical, spiritual, emotional, economic, and community well-being.
  • Teaching and activities rooted in Christian principles that help children, men, and women understand their rights and duties as children of God. Believing in the dignity of the human person and developing strategies for the protection and capacity building for all including the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Striving to enhance patient care and service delivery, to keep knowledge and skills relevant, to seize health and community development opportunities, and to effectively manage resources.
  • Respecting and protecting human rights, working to ensure safety and security for all persons, promoting gender equality as a fundamental right.
  • Believing that economic development is found in communities that promote Christian principles, maintain order, work for the common good of the community, value all its available resources, adopt poverty reduction and wealth creation strategies.
  •  Believing that social change occurs in a society in which every child is valued, protected, and supported to achieve her/his potential, HEAL Africa participates through implementation of the LEAD Strategy: Love; Education; Advocacy; Development (into responsible and productive adults).