HumaniTerra International


HumaniTerra is an NGO specialized in improving the surgical offerings available in developing countries. Its goal is to help the countries and people coming out of economic and humanitarian crises to rebuild and sustain their health system. HumaniTerra has committed itself to 3 essential and complimentary action.


Surgical actions: Through its network of professional health volunteers, HTI intervenes directly in these countries by means of aid missions. These missions allow us to treat pathologies which are usually difficult to operate on. Based around missions of 3 to 4 weeks that involve 5 to 10 people (surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, physical therapists...), the mission goes to the populations that are unable to move around. Most surgical specialties are practiced depending on the needs (orthopedic surgery, reconstructive surgery and severely burnt patient care, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology, ENT, pediatric surgery…).

Restorative actions and hospital development: To attain full autonomy, the local health services need to have adequate hospital facilities. HumaniTerra builds or rebuilds, reorganizes and equips these care services. It collects and transports medicine and materials; advises on the construction of new hospital facilities; rehabilitates existing buildings and equipment (operating theaters, intensive care and anaesthetics, radiology) with tools that are adapted to the local environment. Finally, on the basis of a long lasting commitment, HTI sets up new service and building projects with the help of already established hospital department heads. 

Teaching and training health professionals: HumaniTerra’s vocation is to promote local human resources and make the healthcare structures autonomous. One of the key elements of our actions is therefore training the local care personnel. Our medical staff is committed to sharing its knowledge through surgical mentoring and conferences. Furthermore, HumaniTerra organizes and finances high-level training courses for foreign doctors in French hospitals and universities each year.