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The International Society of Surgery (ISS) / Société Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC) is the oldest and most prestigious international surgical society in the world. We are a global not-for-profit membership organization, founded in 1902, and based in Zurich, Switzerland. 

The Mission Statement of the ISS/SIC is “Advancing the Science and Art of Surgery Worldwide”. 

To achieve this, the Society:

  1. Holds the World Congress of Surgery (the “Congress”), a biennial event where progress in surgery and problems of interest to all surgeons are presented. The Congress also offers simultaneous meetings of various surgical specialties through joint presentations, panels and workshops;
  2. Promotes and facilitates postgraduate surgical education worldwide through the activities of the Academy of the Society, which is responsible for promoting, coordinating and facilitating the teaching activities of the Society, including regional scientific meetings and courses to be held under the auspices of the Society; and
  3. Disseminates knowledge of the science and art of surgery through the regular publication of the World Journal of Surgery(the “Journal”), the official organ of the Society, as well as through the publication of books, manuals and newsletters.

Over the next three years it is our intention to expand our activities, especially in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMIC):

  1. Through the bringing of young surgeons from LMIC to our World Congress. This is our ‘travellers’ programme. Currently, we bring around 40 to the World Congress. We aim to increase this to 100 at the next World Congress.
  2. Through partnering with surgical societies/organisations in LMIC to help them in educational efforts for surgeons within their own countries. This will be done at their request (through our national delegates-based in each country) either through specific courses or through contributing to their annual conferences by providing speakers, judges and discussants for research, moderators for sessions, examiners for surgical trainees and other areas that the specific country sees as helpful and needed.