Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF)


Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) is a registered charity with a global reach. KBNF is committed to providing medical support for brain and spinal injuries and disease to the people of Ghana and West Africa.

To alleviate the suffering of West Africans with a special focus on those affected by diseases of the brain and spine and to address related health care issues. 

To enhance the delivery of quality brain and spinal medical care in Ghana and West Africa.

Started in 2000 by neuroscience nurse Marj Ratel, KBNF is a volunteer-based organization that has earned the support and respect of professionals, government officials and caring people from all over the world. All KBNF work done is thanks to people like you — caring global citizens that donate, volunteer, participate in local events, and help us spread the word.

KBNF exists to enhance the delivery of quality brain and spinal medical care in Ghana and West Africa, by partnering with regional, national and international partners in the establishment maintenance and advancement of self-sustaining high quality clinical Neuroscience and Neurosurgical facilities using the resources of the West African medical communities, in collaboration with their Ministries of Health and the Education and other agencies. We promote the education of healthcare in West Africa, particularly in neuroscience and collaboration between institutions both local and international.

KBNF is one of the few charitable organizations in the world that is focused on both immediate and lifesaving medical support, with a long-term infrastructure vision.