Member Benefits


1. Access and influence the global surgical space:

• Engage and build relationships with international organizations, government representatives, private sector leaders, and other key stakeholders in the global health community

• Participate in direct advocacy and outreach to US Congress and other federal agencies, and national offices around the world, and support to strengthen the global surgery community

• Represent and speak on behalf of the G4 Alliance as an expert in global surgical care at major international meetings such as the World Health Assembly, UN General Assembly, and other global events


2. Enhance your organization's visibility and credibility at the international level:

• Access a network of like-minded NGOs, professional societies, associations, and academic organizations to share lessons learned from the field, partner on programs, etc.

• Collaborate with the G4 Alliance and/or its member organizations on events, workshops, panels, etc. to build awareness and develop solutions to address existing challenges and needs in surgical care

• Maintain a presence as an active member of the global surgery community on the G4 Alliance website and other organizational materials


3. Collaborate with the broad network of G4 Member Organizations to advance the field of global surgical care:

• Participate and contribute in G4 Alliance Committees and working groups to inform international standards and guidelines, etc.

• Participate in bi-annual board meetings and other strategic planning sessions to help shape the Alliance's impact on improving global surgical care

• Serve as a mentor to other stakeholders who are passionate about strengthening the global surgical community


4. Hold a leadership role by serving on the G4 Alliance Permanent Council and/or Board of Directors:

• Shape goals and agendas for G4 Alliance Committees and working groups

• Inform G4 Alliance advocacy, policy implementation, and resource mobilization efforts




5. Access exclusive resources to enhance your organization's work:

• Co-host multi-stakeholder engagements, training's and webinars, and co-publish surgical research

• Receive updates and exclusive opportunities to collaborate on timely issues and events through the G4 Alliance member listserv