Call to Prioritize Global Surgical Indicators Published in The Lancet

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We received overwhelming support for our campaign to call upon global health agency leaders to prioritize surgical care indicators as part of the Global Reference List of 100 Core Health Indicators.  Over 120 global surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anaesthesia federations, societies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations shared their endorsement for this campaign.  The campaign called upon health agencies to consider inclusion of the following 3 surgical indicators proposed by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery:

1) Perioperative Mortality Rate: The collection of total annual surgical volume and all-cause mortality rate before discharge among post-operative patients as an indicator of realized access and surgical safety.

2) Surgical Workforce Density: The number of trained and licensed surgical, anaesthetic, and obstetric providers who are working, per 100 000 population, a metric which informs the availability and accessibility of human resources.

2) Catastrophic and Impoverishing Expense: Fraction of households protected against catastrophic expense and impoverishment from out-of-pocket payments for surgical care. This indicator represents a key element of universal health coverage and provides information about payment systems, insurance coverage, and balance of public and private services.

Including these metrics as part of the core 100 indicators and promoting transparent reporting at the national and international level will help to strengthen health systems through the delivery of safe, effective, and accessible surgical care and anaesthesia.

We thank all the organizations who provided their support for this important campaign and will keep you updated regarding progress on this issue.

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