G4 Supports UHC Indicators as part of the UN'S Global Goals

Supporting access to surgical care and anaesthesia represents an essential step to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the UN's Global Goals.  Since our founding in 2014, the G4 Alliance and our members have advocated for the inclusion of surgical care and anaesthesia as part of UHC, including efforts to support the World Health Organization resolution recognizing the integral role of surgical care and anaesthesia as part of UHC, as well as a campaign calling for inclusion of surgical care indicators as part of WHO, USAID, and World Bank health indicator recommendations. 

Source: http://www.globalgoals.org

Source: http://www.globalgoals.org

The G4 Alliance shared a Call to Action last December calling for our members and collaborators to support full inclusion of UHC indicators as part of the Global Goals measurement framework. The letter of support received over 600 signatures from UHC advocates around the world - including many G4 Members and supporters.   

Last week, the final list of proposed indicators was published online by the Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) and the UN Statistical Commission. We are pleased to announce that the essential health service coverage indicator has been included! While this represents a victory for UHC supporters around the world, we were concerned to find that two key elements were left out of the post-2015 indicators:

  1. Surgical care has not been explicitly included as part of the list of tracer interventions used to track essential health coverage; and

  2. The health impoverishment indicator has been replaced by one that does not guarantee financial risk protection, nor does it have a universal definition that applies to all countries.  

Over the weekend, the G4 Alliance joined UHC supporters from around the world to endorse a new campaign supporting reinstatement of the financial risk protection indicator. Thank you to those who came forward again to share your support. The letter was forwarded to the IAEG-SDGs and the UN Statistical Commission on Monday, February 29th.

The G4 Alliance team will be investigating next steps to support explicit inclusion of appropriate surgical care and anaesthesia indicators as part of UHC indicator 3.8.1, which focuses on essential health coverage and tracer interventions.  We look forward to sharing more details and updates in the coming weeks as they become available.