Webinar on Tracking Synergies in Global Surgical Care Closes G4 Global Webinar Series

The role of global surgical care and anaesthesia in the realm of public health has been undergoing a significant transformation. Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated stakeholders, surgical care is emerging as an integral component of universal health coverage. 

With increasing interest and activity in the field of global surgical and anaesthesia care, stakeholders will benefit from coordinating efforts to ensure efficient usage of time and resources and to ensure alignment with community, national and global priorities. With this in mind, a collective global platform to help catalyze, track and manage surgical initiatives and partnerships could play a significant role. This final installment of the G4 Global Webinar Series, explored the role of online platforms as a resource to optimize partnerships in global surgical care. A dedicated working group that has been reviewing this issue provided recommendations and shared insights into best practices to develop a web-based platform that fosters communication, collaboration, and synergy among global surgery stakeholders. 

Webinar presenters highlighted model platforms being used in the health space to draw on best-practices and recommendations. The panelists also provided an in-depth overview of distinct profiles of potential users of the platform, exploring the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities different users would present. Finally, the group reviewed how an active network that fosters communication and collaboration between G4 members and other stakeholders in global surgical care and anaesthesia would contribute to optimal sharing of knowledge, resources and best-practices. 

Different users of a potential tracking platform will have common needs and requirements.

Different users of a potential tracking platform will have common needs and requirements.

Immediately following the webinar, panelists Dr. Tigi Ashengo and Dr. Kathleen Casey took to Twitter to answer questions and engage in a broader discussion around the application of a potential platform to track synergies in global surgical care. This #G4SurgeryChat provided webinar attendees - and the broader Twitter audience -  with the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and explore themes presented in the webinar in greater detail. 

Click here to view slides and full video from the webinar.