Plasticos Foundation

Plasticos Foundation is a non-profit organization providing direct reconstructive plastic surgical care in underdeveloped countries worldwide, free of charge for children with traumatic injuries and correctable deformities. The Foundation also trains host-country surgeons, enabling them to scale impact.

As poverty started to become a serious threat for the lives of many less fortunate people, many organizations around the world emerged to address the complex consequences. One of these organizations is the Plasticos Foundation. Composed of plastic surgeons and headed by Dr. Larry Nichter, Plasticos Foundation’s primary goal is to improve the lives of others - particularly children in need - through plastic surgery.

The Foundation strives to enhance the lives of children with correctable body deformities, birth defects, congenital malformations and traumatic disfigurements. The foundation also seeks to advance the field of plastic surgery through trainings, research studies, and public education, conducting lectures and free trainings for host-country surgeons in the art of Plastic Surgery and enabling them to carry on this work.