The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health Prolepsis is a nongovernmental organization, active in the field of medical research, health promotion, environmental and occupational health since 1990.

Our human resources consist of a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, public health specialists, statisticians, economists and sociologists. Moreover, the Institute has created a large network of partners not only in Greece but also in Member-States of the European Union, Eastern European Countries and the USA.

For 20 years now Prolepsis has assumed a leading role in the field of Public Health: 

  • offering specialized services in the fields of medical research, data management, organization of integrated health education and health awareness campaigns;
  • providing consultancy services for the prevention, the proper handling of workplace risks as well as for the evaluation of environmental risks;
  • advancing research methodology in the field of health and preventive medicine;
  • supporting education in public health and medical research issues;
  • encouraging interdisciplinary and international co-operation and creating networks of collaboration.