Primary Trauma Care Foundation (PTCF)

Primary Trauma Care Foundation (PTCF) is an organization set up by clinicians to train Doctors and other Health Care Professionals in the management of the severely injured patient.

PTCF is a non-profit organization, which aims to work with countries’ health care organisations to assess health care needs and to empower those organizations within a country to train their own personnel in the care of patients in a way that is:

·       Appropriate

·       Adaptable

·       Affordable

·       Sustainable

Since 1997, PTCF has run courses in about 60 countries worldwide. The PTC Manual has been translated into 14 languages and is freely available on the internet.

The two-day PTC course and one-day instructor course are available free to those countries and organisations which require it. The PTCF works with government health departments, the WHO and other international health organizations to train people in these skills.

PTCF differs for many Charities and NGOs in that it works solely to establish a locally sustainable training model, to allow countries to train their own health care workers in order to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness in health care provision.

What we do

The Primary Trauma Care Foundation exists to promote and enable the training of medical professionals in the developing world in the management of severe injury. The desired outcome is that lives are saved and disabilities are avoided.

Although the initial training is often done by visiting instructors from other countries, we strongly encourage the local team to take it forward from there. A local PTC committee is formed in each country in order to prioritise and organise the subsequent courses.

All about training

PTC is all about training. Although it typically starts in the capital city, in the best hospitals and with respected and experienced doctors, our vision is that it spreads as far as possible into the more remote areas and becomes locally sustainable. This is why we train with minimum equipment and facilities, and encourage ingenuity in finding solutions to local problems. The participants are usually health professionals who deal with trauma management in difficult situations.

Where we operate

To date, some 60 countries across the world have benefitted from the PTC trauma training programme.