Society of American Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)  

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The SAGES Education & Research Foundation works to advance laparoscopic, endoscopic, and emerging minimal access surgical methods by supporting reproducible scientific research, graduate and postgraduate education, and public information.

The SAGES Education & Research Foundation was created with the vision of a healthcare world in which all operative procedures are accomplished with the least possible physical trauma, discomfort, and loss of productive time for the patient. SAGES was founded to be an alternative resource for minimal access surgical research and education.  Through focused grant-making, the SAGES Foundation provides institutions, physicians, fellows and academicians with funding support to create evidence-based standards of practice, develop up-to-date training programs, and carry out long term research that others will not fund.

Common endeavors supported by the foundation include:

  • Educational programs in minimally invasive surgical techniques and procedures
  • Assessment tools and methodology of surgical skills and competence
  • Development of surgical trainers and educators
  • Technology that supports and advances minimally invasive surgery
  • Preceptorship networks
  • Development of surgical training tools
  • Outcomes studies
  • New and emerging minimally invasive research
  • Research fellowships

The SAGES Foundation has provided more than $1.7 million in research and project funding for a variety of subjects, including the study of laparoscopy on tumors and carcinoma, surgical robotics training and guidelines, and the evaluation of minimal access surgery in patients at high-risk for failure of abdominal hernia repair.