We Are G4 Around the World


#WeAreG4Surgery is a campaign aimed at  bringing the voice of the G4 Alliance’s member organizations and supporters to social media. The purpose of this campaign is to demonstrate the presence of the G4 Alliance around the world, as well as to mobilize greater attention for the neglected surgical patient and the importance of access to surgical care and anaesthesia for all. Participating in this campaign is an opportunity for you and/or your organization to show support and to join in solidarity with the G4 Alliance, spreading the word about the importance of increasing global support for the role of surgery as a human right and as an essential part of health care.

How Can i participate in the #WeAreG4Surgery campaign?

Join the campaign by taking a photo and/or by recording a 10-30 second video clip of you and members of your organization holding up placards with the #WeAreG4Surgery slogan and sharing an inspiring message related to improving surgical care and capacity around the world.  For those interested in submitting a video clip, please be sure to clearly state: “ We are G4 Surgery.” We welcome submissions from individuals as well as organizations, and we invite you to state your country (or region) following the tagline (Ex: “We are G4 Surgery Ireland,” “We are G4 Surgery South America,” or “We are G4 Surgery Kenya").


Please email all photos and video content to contact@theG4alliance.org with "We Are G4" in the subject line. Photos and videos will be uploaded to the G4 Alliance website and may also be used in other G4 advocacy campaigns.