Why Join the G4 ALliance?

We are an organization of organizations, and our members range from academic societies to on-the-ground providers. While each of our member organizations might have a different vision that guides their work, we are united as an alliance by the vision we are working towards - a world with safe and affordable surgical and anaesthesia care for all.

As a member of the G4 Alliance, you will be part of the global movement to realize that vision. You will join your voice with more than 70 like-minded organizations to call for the national and international prioritization of surgery, and you will have a seat at the table with the stakeholders who are shaping international development and the future of global health.  You will gain the chance to collaborate to share best practice and maximize the resources and partnerships available to you. 

Change can only come from a united global movement. Change can only come from partnerships at all levels of society. Change can only come through a coordinated effort of advocacy, policy implementation, and resource mobilization. Join us, and be part of the change our member organizations and partners are creating. 

Read more about the benefits of membership in the G4 Alliance. 

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How the G4 Alliance Benefits Members: A Member's Perspective

"It galvanizes [member's] ability to network with other fantastic partners and gives them a voice, and a much larger stage, than what one organization can achieve."

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The G4 Alliance seeks to galvanize collective advocacy to achieve Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals through the integration of surgical and anaesthesia care.

We invite you to submit a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and join our movement today.


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